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We are all geographers

Geography at St Michael's Academy

At St Michael’s the geography curriculum is divided into 3 parts:

  • Locational knowledge 
  • Place knowledge 
  • Human and physical knowledge

Locational knowledge examines the location of the world’s countries using maps to focus on Europe, North and South America, concentrating on regions, key physical / human characteristics, countries, and major cities. Children work on locating the counties and cities of the United Kingdom, and start to explore their human and physical characteristics.

Our pupils also examine geographical similarities and differences by comparing the geography of a region of the United Kingdom with a region in a European country, and with a region in either North or South America. For example, during their Rainforest topic year 4 pupils compare their local environment with a rainforest environment. This is all part of place knowledge.

For human and physical geography, children are taught to describe and understand key aspects of geography, for example: climate zones, rivers, mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes, the water cycle, types of settlement, economic activity and the distribution of natural resources.

Most of all we strive to encourage a lifelong enthusiasm for learning about the world and its diversity of people and places.

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