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Comments and Testimonials

Garwynn's Reptiles and Bugs

Local Resident

"I was so impressed with your children today when they were on a trip last week.  Me and my friend tool our young toddlers to ninesprings on Wednesday and a lot of your children were being so kind and thoughtful to our little girls. They were very wary there was small children also playing on the equipment, I overheard a little boy telling his peers to be careful as there were babies in the area.  All the children were super friendly and included my toddler and her friend in their games, this made the girls very happy and they enjoyed the company of the older children.  It was lovely to see that there are lots of kind, friendly and well behaved children." 

- Tanya

CAP Workshops

"I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all your staff, parents and children for having us in school over the past weeks.  We really enjoyed working with everyone and the children were really enthusiastic in their joining in and thoughtful in their responses to thinking about the difficult situations that we worked on together."

- Rose, Area Team Leader

Pete the Poet

"This is such a positive school to be in.  The children and staff are so happy, welcoming and motivated.  Thank you for two super days!"

- Pete the Poet

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