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We are all writers

At St Michael’s Academy we endeavour to make writing a meaningful and memorable experience for the children by ensuring every unit of work has a clear audience and purpose.

Our Intent:

We aim to enable our children to:

  • Be enthusiastic creative thinkers.
  • Write a range of text types through quality experiences and hooks that will enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • Write with fluency and understanding by ensuring the teaching of phonics, grammar and spelling is embedded in context.
  • Increase ability to use a range of strategies to edit and improve writing through the use of self- and peer-assessment.

What do we cover?

We strive to offer a creative and motivating way to learn through engaging, interconnected topics. Our writing is driven from themes throughout the year ranging from our PRIDE weeks, global events and of course, plenty of cross curricular links within Geography, History and Science.

Year 3 poems about the oceans that linked with our core value of respect, and Year 6 autobiographies that linked with our core value of positivity

Poem 2
Poem 3