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St Michael's University

Unique in the local area to our school, St Michael's University bring the whole school together on a Friday afternoon and gives a chance for children and teachers to be creative, inspired and passionate about areas of the curriculum that they have a particular interest in. Now in its second year, it has proved hugely popular with students and staff since its inception. Our talented staff are given the opportunity to deliver half-termly courses on a wide range of subjects that have included over the two years archery, animation, illustration, musical theatre, rag-rug making, philosophy and trombone playing, among many others!

Passion, Potential, Perseverance

Children are put in charge of their own learning, and are given the opportunity to select the courses that most inspire them. All courses are designed to give children opportunities to fail as well as succeed, and develop our children as team-players. leaders and resilient all-rounders. All year groups are mixed up, meaning each course has children from across the school, giving children the opportunity to engage with, learn from and lead those they don't normally get the chance to. In its first year, more than 60 parents also took the opportunity to join a university course with their child, much to the delight (and sometimes embarrassment!) of their child. We hope to provide many more opportunities for parents to join in the learning with their children this year.

What our children say

"You learn new things every Friday afternoon. It's really fun. My favourite course was animation because we got to use the ipads to make stop-motion films." Reece, Year 6

"I like St Michael's University because we get to do things that we've chosen and we like. My two favourite courses have been textile design and stage performance as they are both things that I love to do." Saskia, Year 6

"Stage Performance was really great because performing in front of people really helped to build my confidence. I was nervous at first but then it was very fun!" Chrystal, Year 5

"My favourite Univeristy course has been Eco-Warriors. I felt good bcause taking part meant we were helping to save the world from plastics." Gracie, Year 5