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St Michael’s Academy believes that all pupils should be respected and valued and strives hard to ensure that all pupils:

• experience highly effective teaching and learning and have a broad and balanced curriculum which is differentiated to meet individual needs
• can learn and make progress according to their individual developmental trends
• are assessed using appropriate assessment tools and guidelines, with an emphasis on early identification of needs through supportive and preventative strategies to reduce barriers to learning 
• have equal access to resources, provision and interventions as needed

Special educational provision is educational or training provision that is additional to or different from that made generally for others of the same age. This means provision that goes beyond the differentiated approaches and learning arrangements normally provided as part of high quality, personalised teaching. It may take the form of additional support from within the school setting or require involvement of specialist staff or support services.

Our School has a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who is responsible for the management of provision and or support for identified pupils with SEND. She also coaches and supports teachers and other staff to enable them to provide appropriate assessment and focused provision for children in their class with SEND.

All teachers are teachers of SEND pupils and as such provide quality first teaching which takes account of the particular individual needs of pupils with SEND within the classroom.

If you would like to contact our SENCo, Ms Estelle Casey, please speak with the School Office on 01935 423863.

Specialist Outside Agency and Support Services

Teachers lead the education of pupils supported by TAs (Teaching Assistants).

This forms the core teaching team, supported by multi-professional input, led by the SENCo

Our link with the School Nurse supports the medical and care arrangements for pupils throughout the school

We are able to access a variety of teaching and support staff training at Fiveways Teaching School.

An Advanced Skills Teacher from Fiveways school provides our staff with advice, guidance and training to support the social and emotional needs of our pupils.

The Parent and Family Support Adviser, supports individual pupils and their families, and provides training opportunities.

The Traveller Education Support Services can provide support for traveller families.

The Educational Psychology Service provides assessments and support for pupils in school

The Hearing, Vision, Physical and Medical Support Service is an educational advisory support service which can provide specialist educational assessments and interventions for children with hearing, medical, physical or visual needs.

The Social, Emotional and Behavioural Support Service supports the school to improve the learning outcomes for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural needs.  This may include supporting the school with assessment tools and providing guidance and training to staff.

The Learning Support Service can support the school to meet a wide diversity of learning needs and ensure inclusive provision through advice, guidance and training to staff.

Inclusion Programme

At St Michael’s Academy we value diversity as a rich resource which supports the learning of all. 

The educational experiences that we provide help develop pupils’ achievements and recognise their individuality.  To support this we have developed different models of inclusion.

  • Individual pupils from St Michael’s Academy access programmes of work at Fiveways School.
  • Dual placements for individual pupils.
  • Group initiatives with pupils from local schools.
  • Our well qualified and experienced teachers and teaching assistants are able to support pupils with emotional and behavioural needs, autism, ADHD, physical impairments, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, speech and language needs and a variety of medical conditions.
  • We also have staff who are experienced in teaching English as a second language. 
  • Our highly experienced SENCo works extremely closely with numerous outside agencies to ensure the provision for our pupils with additional needs is well planned and helps to overcome any barriers to their learning.
  • Reduced and/or individual timetable.