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We are all learners

At St Michael's Academy it is our intention to deliver a rich, broad and balanced curriculum that develops a wide range of skills and prepares children for the future stages of their lives. We are passionate about bringing learning to life for all children and engaging them academically, emotionally, physically and socially in contexts which have a real meaning and purpose. Children are encouraged to question, reason, choose, explain, investigate, observe, inquire, experience and problem-solve in a cross-curricular approach that broadens horizons and deepens knowledge and understanding.

Our curriculum is designed with every single child in mind, and is taught using a creative cross-curricular approach. Maths and English skills are taught daily, and we place a huge premium on reading - for pleasure, to extend vocabulary and to improve access to all subjects and areas of life. As such, we expect all children to read at home every day, as this supports and consolidates the approach taken within school. 


We are proud of our curriculum, both in terms of the knowledge that children acquire and the skills they learn. Topics - from rainforests to the Romans - are taught in termly, knowledge-rich blocks with children investigating 'Big Questions'. Science lessons focus on opening children's eyes to the way the world works, while RE lessons focus on learning both about religion - Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism - and also from religion. Children get the opportunity to experience Spanish in years 3 and 4, and French in years 5 and 6.

One afternoon a week, children complete a rotation of PE, ICT and Design Technology/Art taught by specialists. In addition to the PE sessions in school, children swim  at Goldenstones pool in Yeovil.  Music is taught in class and children also participate in a variety of shows and concerts that are showcased throughout the year.