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School Uniform


St Michael's Academy encourages the wearing of a school uniform to help foster a community spirit and a sense of belonging for our children. We believe that it also reduces the burden of having to decide what to wear and what not to wear. We also believe that a uniform promotes positive behaviour. We are very proud of the fact that the vast majority of our pupils wear the uniform, creating a very smart, purposeful look for school life.


  • Grey or black pinafore dress, skirt or trousers
  • White or pale blue blouse/polo shirt
  • Royal blue school sweatshirt and/or fleece
  • White socks


  • Blue and white summer dress


  • grey or black trousers
  • white or pale blue shirt/polo shirt
  • royal blue school sweatshirt and/or fleece
  • white or grey socks


  • Grey or black trousers or shorts
  • White or blue shirt/polo shirt


Children should wear a sensible style in black. High heels or trainers will not be allowed in the interest of safety and hygiene.


For P.E. sessions the children must have a change of clothing for hygiene and safety reasons. The P.E. kit consists of:

  • A pair of black shorts
  • A white t-shirt (not polo shirt)
  • A pair of suitable trainers/plimsolls

Swimming Kit

  • Trunks/Swimming costume - (no bikinis or Bermuda shorts)
  • Towel
  • Goggles

Children are not allowed to wear jewellery as this can be dangerous especially in PE.  Long hair must be tied back.

Hair Cut & Styles

  • Not cut shorter than Grade 3
  • Not dyed
  • No totemic patterns
  • All long hair tied back.

Please note we no longer sell any uniform in school.

Our Logo Uniform can be purchased from the South West School Wear shop in Yeovil or online at