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Statutory Documents

Safeguarding Statement

At St Michael’s Academy we take our safeguarding responsibility very seriously.  We have ensured (and continue to do so) that everyone working in the school has successfully completed the necessary clearance to enable them to work with children.  We also have staff members specifically trained and nominated  as the Designated Child Protection Personnel within the Academy. 

These are:   

Matt Vella - Head Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Officer

Julia Martin - Safeguarding and Pastoral Lead

Cara Compton-Foster - Deputy Head Teacher, Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Estelle Casey - Safeguarding Trained

We would always hope to share any concerns we may have about your child with you, at the first opportunity as we hope you do with us about your, or any other child.  Part of our legal duty to safeguard your children, may also include us needing to consult with and take advice from other agencies such as the Police, or Children’s Social Care, should the need arise.


In order to ensure that all pupils are safe, we actively encourage the highest standards of behaviour at all times.  Children are encouraged to be kind, considerate and polite.  Adults who come into contact with them are expected to model this behaviour.  For safety reasons, children and adults should walk quietly around the school, and should greet each other politely and open and close doors.

Inappropriate language—including swearing, sexual, homophobic and racists words are not allowed; sanctions are in place in the event that this behaviour is witnessed.

All children are expected to attend school looking smart, and fit for purpose in the correct uniform clearly listed in the prospectus.  They should wear sensible shoes so that they can play safely and should bring waterproof, warm coats in the winter.  Please ensure that all items of clothing are named.

The length and style of hair needs to be appropriate for children of primary school age.  Extreme hair cuts are discouraged, as is the colouring of hair.  The only items of jewellery allowed are a watch and a pair of stud earrings, for children with pierced ears.

Charging & Remissions

Overall Aim:

A fundamental principle of the Charging and Remissions Policy for St Michael's Academy is that all parents, regardless of personal circumstances will be treated equally and will be invited to make contributions for day trips, residential trips and certain in-school activities.


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