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General Information



The School is situated in its own grounds with access to green space at Pen Mill Academy and Fiveways Special School.  The school building provides high quality accommodation to meet the needs of our age range.

The inclusion of an internal lift and disabled access means that we are  able to develop our links with local special schools.

The main school buildings are of a high quality; they are double storey, housing 10 classrooms.  Specialist facilities include: hall, cookery room, wii room, library, medical room, art room, sports hall and resource library.

The landscaped grounds offer facilities for recreation and play. 

The school also regularly hires mini-buses to enable pupils to access the community and community events.

School Hours

Pupils are asked to arrive between 8.30 am and 8.40 am in the morning. Please send your child to school on time to avoid a late mark being recorded. Being punctual is very important and helps the day get off to a good start. Pupils arriving late must sign in at the office. At the end of the school day pupils should be collected, or leave the school premises promptly at 3.30 pm unless involved in a supervised activity. Please note that, while we will obviously do all we can to ensure the safety of your child at all times, the school is not legally responsible for children 10 minutes before and after school.

Daily Timetable

  • Early Bird 08.30
  • Registration 08.50
  • Morning School 09:05 - 12:00
  • Snack Break (we would appreciate parental co-operation by providing a healthy snack - no crisps or chocolate please)
  • Lower School 10:15 - 10:35
  • Upper School 10:35 - 10:55
  • Lunchtime Lower 12:00 - 12:50
  • Lunchtime Upper 12:30 - 13:20
  • Afternoon School Lower 12:50 - 15.20
  • Afternoon School Upper 13:20 - 15:20
  • Assembly 14:30 - 15:00
  • End of school 15:20


School Security

All visitors are asked to report to the school office at the reception window in the entrance hallway. This also applies to parents wishing to speak to their child's class teacher at the beginning or end of the day. Any visitors remaining on site will be issued with an identity badge, something that the children are quite used to seeing. For security purposes all entrance doors are locked during school hours and can be opened only from the inside.


It is a statutory requirement for the school to be informed of any absences from school. If your child is absent for any reason, please inform the school by telephone in the first instance. A note will be required from you on the child's return and using your child's log book to write a message is probably the easiest method. In the interest of safety, it is our policy to ring home, wherever possible, when a child is absent and we have not been informed by 9.30 am.

The school must collect and report details of absences by law and so all absence levels are closely monitored. Any absence not accounted for or for a reason not accepted in national regulations will be recorded as an unauthorised absence. A note or phone call does not necessarily mean that an absence will be authorised. The current figures of authorised and unauthorised absences are detailed on a later page.


If a child becomes ill at school, the parents will be contacted by telephone at home or at work. It is helpful to us if we can have an emergency contact number we can use in case the parent is not available.

Children should not attend school if they cannot follow the usual school routine and curriculum. If a child has an injury which may prevent participation in PE, a note should be sent to the class teacher.


No jewellery should be worn at school. Only ear studs are acceptable, but these should be covered during P.E. lessons. We do not encourage the use of repeated ear or body piercing and would respectfully request that parents refrain from such practices until their children are more mature.

Hair Cuts and Styles

  • Not cut shorter than Grade 3
  • Not dyed
  • No totemic patterns
  • All long hair to be tied back

Toys & Valuables

Mobile phones are not permitted.  Anything of value should not be brought into school.

Lost Property

Please note that we keep lost property. However it is very difficult to return clothing and property if it is not clearly labelled. Please ensure that property such as lunchboxes and all items of clothing, including coats are marked with your child's name and, if possible, class.

School Lunch

The children have a choice of:

  • Bringing their own packed lunch
  • Children entitled to a free school meal will receive a daily hot dinner/salad and desert.
  • Paid for hot dinner
  • Packed lunches brought from home must be brought in non-breakable containers.

Drinks should be in a plastic container that will fit into the box. Children should not bring sweets or fizzy drinks. The lunch boxes must be clearly labelled. These are stored in class crates. The children are supervised by Lunchtime Supervisors in the dining hall and are expected to behave in a polite and well-mannered way. During the summer months, children may eat their packed lunches outside at the picnic tables on the decking area. We actively encourage children to eat has been put in their lunchboxes, so please ensure that what you send is what your child likes to eat and is a reasonable amount. We always encourage the children to eat healthily so please include lots of fruit and vegetables in their lunchboxes.

First Break Snacks

The children are allowed to bring a snack to school for their morning break. They must provide a labelled bag and this is then kept in a central container in each classroom.
We welcome fruit or vegetables, but ask you not to allow your child to bring sweets, chocolate, crisps or gum. We welcome your support in this initiative to encourage your child to eat a healthy diet.

Health School Awards

We are pleased to be designated a "Healthy School" and are in receipt of the "Healthy Schools Award".
Holding this award involves including in the children's school life activities to develop their physical, social and emotional, health and well being.
At our school this includes the use of consistent anti- bullying strategies which involve both the staff and the children, use of a "Friendship Bench" on the playground as well as an annual "Health Awareness" week.


Sometimes people will use their power in an unpleasant way over others. This is BULLYING and it happens to children in all schools. Many children cope with falling out with other children, but when the problems continue and children are very unhappy we have to step in and help.
In school the children will learn that bullying other people is wrong. During PHSE they will listen to stories, act out situations, talk in class discussions and share experiences with others. We also operate a Bully Buster system and encourage the children to use the Bully Buster Box which is present at the front of the school. Please contact the Headteacher if you want to know more about the procedures.

Sun Protection

We strongly encourage the children to wear hats when in the playground during the warmer months. Children may buy a school baseball-style cap, with or without a flap at the back to protect their neck. We also recommend the use of a Factor 15 + sun cream. School staff are not permitted to apply sun cream to children, so we ask that you apply a long-lasting sunscreen before school in sunny weather. Children may re-apply their own cream, which must be provided in a clearly named tube or plastic bottle and which will be kept in the classroom.

Water Bottles

At St Michael's Academy, we appreciate the need for children to drink regularly throughout the day. We therefore encourage the use of water bottles in classrooms. Please provide your child with a suitable plastic drinking bottle, which should be washed and filled with fresh water daily from home. The bottles will be kept centrally in each classroom where they can be easily accessed. The bottles may be replenished with fresh drinking water from the kitchen as necessary.

Head Lice

From time to time children can contract head lice, which spread very easily in the confines of a school community. If a child becomes infected, is our policy to telephone the parent or guardian, giving them the opportunity to collect their child. This will enable immediate treatment and therefore reduce the risk of further infection. Please help us to control head lice by checking your child's hair weekly and using the wet combing method to remove lice and eggs where present.


Accidents unfortunately happen from time to time. In the case of a serious accident, we will attempt to contact you and arrange medical attention. Will you please inform the school office of the name of the doctor you deal with and a telephone number where you can be reached during the day. If there are any changes in this information or any factors affecting medical attention please inform the school in writing.

Severe Weather Procedures

Announcements will be made on:


  • Local radio Heart FM (95.5fm) and The Breeze (105.6fm)

  • On our Website

  • Teachers to message through Class Dojo 

  • Office to message through School Comms

It remains the policy of the school to open if at all possible.  The child's safety and well-being must be paramount.  More information can be found on our Home Page and in the Letter section of this Website

Safety on the School Site

In order to ensure the safety of all pedestrians on our school grounds, we are required to separate the paths of vehicles and those on foot. Therefore, anyone entering the site must keep to the playground.

Children and parents should not walk along the driveway where the cars are parked. ALL children should wait on the playground before school. We would appreciate your co-operation to help us enforce this very important point of safety.


Please do not bring dogs on to the school site. Dogs should also not be allowed off their lead in the vicinity of the school at any time.


St Michael's Academy is a NO SMOKING area. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the school grounds.


If your child needs medication during the day, please ensure that these are brought to the office where a parental permission form is required to be completed.   All medicines must be clearly labelled with the full name of the child and their class. All medicines must be handed in at the office and kept in the medical room. 

Asthma inhalers must only be used by the person for whom they have been prescribed, but may be kept in the classroom and clearly labelled.

First Aid

Basic first aid is given in school when necessary. If an accident needs hospital attention we will make every effort to contact you first. Please ensure that information from you is up-to-date so that you can be contacted.

The majority of staff have recently received first aid training and we currently have 12 appointed persons in school.