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Core Values

Our definition of a core value is a central belief clearly understood and shared by every member of the school community. All members of the school community are involved in ensuring these core values are shared and upheld throughout the school. These values have been chosen because we believe that they are the most important values to be shared with the children of our school, and that they will have a big positive influence on the lives and learning of these children. It is our intention that by focussing on these values through many areas of school life including the curriculum, the children of St Michael’s Academy leave with a secure understanding of these values. 

Which values are important to us?

We have developed a set of values in collaboration with the staff and children of St Michael’s Academy that we feel are important to all of us. 








Together they form our sixth value: PRIDE.

How are we teaching the values?

Children learn about values primarily through everyday interactions with everyone in the school community.  It is through modelling positive behaviour and values that we can all understand our expectations of each other and how we all want to be treated. The Core Values are integral to how we operate at St Michael’s, and are visible in the leadership, curriculum, learning environments


To support this we have a structured approach to assemblies and specific units of work that teach the values and encourage children to deepen their understanding of what the values mean to them. Each half term will focus on a different value:


Autumn 1: Positivity

Autumn 2: Respect

Spring 1: Integrity

Spring 2: Determination

Summer 1: Expression

Summer 2: Pride


Each half term will begin with an assembly that introduces the value to the whole school. Children will then follow a cross-curricular unit of work within class that allows them to explore that value in a number of different ways. Following this, each half term there will also be a year-group assembly that parents will be invited to which will allow children to express their learning of the value.