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Aims of the School

At St Michael’s we have high expectations of behaviour and learning. During their time at our school children are given a wide variety of opportunities which promotes in children a love for learning with good academic outcomes.


Enabling pupils to feel part of the community is vital to encouraging children to reach their full potential. We work together with parents and the community, developing children’s confidence and encouraging self-discipline, maturity and responsibility while providing a safe environment with a balanced and relevant curriculum. We pride ourselves on inspiring and nurturing our children to be well rounded individuals and the best that they can be in a safe space.


We aim to provide an inclusive environment that allows every child to succeed through a nurturing approach. The staff are committed to providing the very best for our children and do so in a fantastic environment. We are very proud that as well as good results at the end of KS2 our pupils leave the school fully prepared for the next stage of their education.




  1. To put the child at the centre of all we do.
  2. To engender a love of learning.
  3. To continually improve our skills and practices so that the children get the best possible education in a safe environment.
  4. To collaborate with others and grow so that our schools thrive and are successful.


Raising Aspirations, Realising Potential TOGETHER


  1. Expanding children’s horizons
  2. Providing a range of educational opportunities
  3. Embracing Challenge and Change
  4. Celebrating diversity and individuality
  5. Placing the ‘whole child’ at the centre of all we do
  6. Developing the confidence and trust to learn from each other
  7. Committing to lifelong learning and continuing (professional) development
  8. Providing an ‘intelligent’ curriculum which supports each and every child
  9. Demonstrating a commitment and intent to collaborate at every level
  10. Believing that every child can succeed